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OptiGene offers a software application that is used to design efficient primers for Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification, or LAMP, assays. LAMP is an isothermal DNA amplification method invented by the Eiken Chemical Company Ltd of Japan and can be used to amplify a few copies of DNA to 109  copies in as little as 30 minutes.

Reverse transcription coupled LAMP can also be applied for amplification of RNA sequences. LAMP employs six specially designed primers that recognise eight distinct regions in the target DNA and the design of these six primers is critical for a successful assay.

LAMP Designer retrieves batches of gene sequences directly into the program from on-line sources such as GenBank. The application can perform a BLAST search to avoid cross homologies while designing the primers. It also supports Local and Desktop BLAST options for using custom and unpublished databases.

LAMP Designer incorporates a sequence view with primers marked on the sequence, and it calculates a melting temperature, Tm, using nearest neighbour thermodynamic theory and highly accurate SantaLucia values.

The software also exports a publication quality report for the designed assays for sharing with colleagues. Data is organised in project format and a local database of sequence information and search results is maintained.


Cat. No:
LD1Lamp Designer Software 1 to 3 user license
  • Avoid Cross Homologies LAMP Designer automatically interprets BLAST search results and avoids those regions to design primers that have significant cross homologies with the database.
  • Verification BLAST The primers can be BLAST searched against a database to verify their specificity.
  • Multiplex LAMP Primer Set The primers designed for a sequence can be checked for multiplexing. The free energies of the most stable cross homologies between the primers designed, is displayed by the program.
  • Export Result The designed primer sets, along with their properties, can be exported in standard csv or excel formats.
  • Data & Database Management Multiple projects can be created. Data of multiple experiments can be easily managed by creating a separate project for each experiment. It maintains a local database for sequence information and search results.
  • Free 7 day Trial Activate the program following these easy steps: Install and launch LAMP Designer – Click Activate on the first window that opens – Enter the Registration number requested from us

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