• OptiGene’s Isothermal Mastermixes allow real-time fluorescence detection of amplified DNA and RNA on the Genie® II and Genie® III platforms.
  • Mixes are also suitable for generic qPCR instrumentation.
  • An anneal curve can be generated post amplification to confirm the amplification product; eliminating the need for gel electrophoresis or turbidity detection; essential for a closed-tube system.

Isothermal mastermixes are suitable for end-point detection but this practice is strongly discouraged due to the extremely high probability of contamination when opening the reaction tube.

mastermix diagram

  • OptiGene’s isothermal mastermixes are fully licensed for LAMP by Eiken Chemical Company.
  • OptiGene’s isothermal mastermixes are suitable for alternative isothermal amplification technologies.
  • Proprietary and patented reagents offer the fastest reaction times available.
  • OptiGene’s DNA polymerases are also available separately.