Genie® Strips

Genie® II & Genie® III use a proprietary tube strip that maximises optical and thermal efficiencies with a locking cap providing a closed-tube system. The strips have the following advantages:
  • Seal-and-lock mechanism to prevent contamination
  • Individually capped
  • Non-fluorescent and optically clear
  • Wings for ease of handling
  • Raised rim for foil sealing
  • Each strip has 8-tubes with a working volume of 20 — 150 µl
Cat. No:
OP-0008-50Genie® tubes Small pack size - 50 strips of 8 tubes
OP-0008-500Genie® tubes Large pack size - 500 strips of 8 tubes

Genie® Strip Holder

The Genie® strip holder allows you to set up your reactions quickly and easily. The aluminium holder can also act as a cool block.
Cat. No:
GBLOCK-01Cooling block for setting up reactions Block A
GBLOCK-02Cooling block for setting up reactions Block B
GBLOCK-03Cooling block for setting up reactions Block A + B

Genie® Centrifuge

Reliable and easy-to-use, the Mini-6KO is compact and economical, an excellent accessory for the Genie® instrument range. The Mini-6KO can be used for a wide range of molecular biology separations and quick spins. The centrifuge was designed to be extremely compact with an exceptionally small footprint. It includes a single rotor rotor that can be used with 2x OptiGene strips or 4x PCR strips, which spin at either 4000 or 6000 RPM. The electronic brake and self opening lid allow for quick deceleration to reduce handling time. Mini-6KO maintenance-free drive is remarkably quiet and the unique design allows for excellent air-flow, to protect temperature-sensitive samples.
Cat. No:
OP-FUGEGenie® Centrifuge

Genie® II Carry case

We are able to provide a robust carry case for Genie® II allowing you to safely transport or store your Genie® II.
Cat. No:
OP-CASE2Robust Carry Case for Genie® II

Genie® III Carry case

We are able to provide a robust carry case for Genie® III allowing you to safely transport or store your Genie® III.
Cat. No:
OP-CASE3Robust Carry Case for Genie® III
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